FULLERTON TOY AUSSIES 12015 Rd 75     Bayard, NE  69334     308-586-3008 *****If you buy a puppy from Fullerton Toy Aussies/Julie Fullerton, you are agreeing to this contract whether you sign it or not***** Breed:  ___________________________Color________________________________________ Whelp Date_____________________Sex___________________Reg. with__________________ Breeding Rights_______________ Sire: ____________________________________Dam:_________________________________ Purchase Price___________________________ Date:___________________ Check #________ Driver License State____________________Number___________________________________ BUYER AGREES TO THE FOLLOWING CONDITIONS OF SALE: Seller warranties the puppy to be in healthy and sound condition at the time of sale.  Puppy will have received his/her first puppy vaccination & will have been dewormed at least twice.  Buyer has 72 hours to have the puppy examined by a licensed veterinarian for general health from the date of delivery/pickup ________________________(excluding weekends and holidays).  Failure to do so will result in any and all warranties being canceled.  Seller accepts no liability for any communicable diseases after 72 hours from when the puppy leaves the possession of the Seller.  If puppy does not pass the general health exam, Buyer agrees to notify breeder within the 72 hour window and provide a copy of the original signed licensed veterinary statement of health.    Health guarantee does not cover any parasite, internal or external as this is a treatable condition.  All Puppies/dogs sold with breeding rights will be guaranteed to have both testicles descended in males.  Females sold with breeding rights are guaranteed to have their first heat cycle before 16 months of age.  No other breeding guarantees are implied or expressed.  There is no guarantee of mature size, show quality, ear set or temperament.  If said puppy/dog is found to be sterile, he/she must be returned the seller at buyer’s expense and will be replaced with the first available of same breed, color and sex.  Seller will not refund money in any situation.  Shipping is always the responsibility of the buyer.  All shipping costs related to any dog being purchased, as well as in relationship to any dog being replaced for any reason, are the responsibility of the buyer.  Seller shall not be responsible for death of said puppy/dog due to negligence or carelessness of any airline or other live animal carrier, their agents or employees, or the buyer.                                                                            Seller is in no way responsible for any vet bills made after puppy/dog leaves the care of Fullerton Toy Aussies/Julie Fullerton.  Any and all veterinary costs are the responsibility of the buyer.  NO EXCEPTIONS.  Buyer hereby releases breeder and agrees to hold harmless for any liability, injuries or damages to person or property caused by this puppy/dog.  Buyer shall assume full responsibility for the health, temperament, and appearance of the puppy/dog upon leaving the premise of the Seller.  This contract is under the jurisdiction of the State of Nebraska.  In the event of any dispute, the parties mutually agree that the dispute will be settled under the jurisdiction of Morrill County, Nebraska.  Any and all attorney fees will be paid in full by the Buyer.  Signature of Buyer:______________________________________________________________ Printed Full Name:_______________________________________________________________ Address:_______________________________________________________________________ City:___________________________State________________________Zip________________ Phone #_______________________________________________________________________ Email address:__________________________________________________________________